We gladly give you guideline assistance with the selection of your NLS system:

We, the communication & medicine, import the original METATRON systems and the know-how directly from Prof Nesterov, IPP (=Institute of practical Psychophysics) in Omsk in Russia.
We co-operate with Prof. Nesterov and his wife closely. They alone in the context of the IPP continued with the development of the METATRON-Systems which begun approximately 35 years ago, up to the latest model, the METATRON "Hunter". Whereby "Hunter" only represents a type and only METATRON is the reference on the original system METATRON "Hunter". Please make sure that only the original systems have the quality name METATRON of Professor Nesterov.

  • Due to the medical qualification we were selected by Professor Nesterov, in order to present the original systems publicly, and to explain and to sell these wonderful devices.
  • We co-operate with no other sales company of NLS systems neither in Germany, nor abroad.
  • Who may sell the original METATRON systems, you can gladly read on the Russian original sides
  • The C & M possesses multiyear experience with the METATRON systems.
  • The original METATRON systems are certified after the international medicine product law (EN ISO 13485:2003) and make a new beginning possible for diagnosis and therapy in the 3rd millenium!

METATRON is based on the findings in quantum physics.Traditional scientific methods are therefore not suitable to provide evidence for its effectiveness.
Prof. Nesterov decided, that to let licence developed original system with a new name - METATRON - from him internationally (up to the first of October 2007 Prof. Nesterov offered the NLS-Systems under the name Oberon 4021 practical and professional). In first of march 2008  the final international certificate as a medical product was given to the  IPP by the enterprise VERITAS.
METATRON was developed in international research activity over many years. The system is able, not in an invasive way, but only using a specific headphone, to specify information loss, i.e. the deviation from the optimal function of individual organs, cells, cell organelles and also molecules. The missing information, which supports the return to natural harmonious function, is then determined within seconds specifically for each person.
A joy for every therapist and every person who is open to a new perception of health and illness. Above all, our patients enjoy the relaxed, pain-free investigative situation and, naturally, the astonishing results.
The benefit, which you will see for yourself, your family and your patients of this outstanding comprehensive diagnostic and therapy system, cannot be put into words.
See for yourself and/or test the system for a few days, after an appropriate briefing, in your own practice.
Numerous separate healing attempts highlight that it is possible to apply the System METATRON 4021 for the diagnostics and therapy specified below. For this also, so far there are still no traditional school and scientific medical proofs.



is able:

  • to recognise the disturbed equilibrium in organs, individual cells, cell organelles down to chromosome set and mitochondria (stage of the discrepancy entropy). The determined missing information can then support the return to the harmonious starting situation.

  • Application is possible in the context of prevention e.g. prostate, breast, intestine, uterus and ovaries, lung...

  • METATRON offers a complete health check in different levels of detail.


METATRON Metapathia GR recognizes the disturbed equilibrium of:

  • all organs into the cellular range (chromosome set, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum...)

  • the movement apparatus

  • the lymphatic system, to individual lymph nodes

  • the blood vessels including the coronary vessels, arteries, veins, to the individual capillary

  • the nervous system including the spinal cord (e.g. hypothalamus, hypophysis)


detects and determines:

  • Bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites

  • blood components, hormones and enzymes

  • biochemical blood analysis

  • food incompatibilities


Support in the return to the harmonious starting situation

  • recommendation of homeopathics, phytotherapeutics or pharmaceutical active substances fitting accurately to the pathological findings

  • determination of the prospective effect of arbitrary therapeutics and therapies by tests with the help of the resonance chamber

  • listing suitable and not-suitable foods regarding the pathological process

  • and offers simple possibilities of comparison with preliminary examination